Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Title: "Obsessed" (2009)
Genre: Drama/ Thriller
Rating: PG-13 (for sexual material including suggestive dialogue, some violence and thematic content)
Length of Time: 108 mins

What is it about?: Derek Charles (Idris Elba) is a successful asset manager who lives comfortably with his wife Sharon (Beyonce Knowles) and their son. When a sexy office temp, Lisa Sheridan (Ali Larter), sets her sights on Derek and decides she will stop at nothing to have him, things turn fatal.

My Review: 3/5 Stars... rounded up from 2.5 stars. It's not good, but it's not terrible either. It's just ok. The ending is predictable and the story is unoriginal.

This obsessive plot has been done before (and better, I might add) in "Fatal Attraction", "Disclosure", "Wicker Park", and other similar films. "Obsessed" tries to be different by making the "temp" (for temptress) a Caucasian woman who tries to seduce an African-American man. That difference is just blah... it adds nothing of substance.

The second difference is that the man happens to be very strong-willed and devoted to his wife. He rebuffs Lisa's strong, over-the-top advances... and well, that part was just plain unbelievable. It's not that I don't believe fidelity is possible or that African-American men can't say no to a Caucasian woman. It just seems a far stretch here.

And since we have a "strong" African-American wife in this movie, she actually fights the woman who's trying to break up her family. Ok... so that's different too... but also not very believable. No, I'm not saying the wife would not have fought hard for her family. I'm saying Beyonce's portrayal of this woman was unconvincing... laughable even. Her line, "Somebody better do something or I will", made me roll my eyes and think "Yeah, right". I just did not buy that she was the bad ass she was trying to give off (and I like Beyonce). The rivalry between the two women did make for an interesting cat fight at the end... and that will probably be the most enjoyable part of the film for most viewers... but it's just not enough to make it a good one.

Lastly, as with all movies of obsession, there has to be an element of craziness. Ali pulled that off well, but it didn't make sense why she was so obsessed over this particular man. He was just an ordinary dude working in the office she was temping at. Why was this seemingly intelligent woman so crazy over him... especially with absolutely no provocation on his part? Unless he was actually a movie star (like Will Smith) and she was some obsessed fan, it just didn't add up. If she was that crazy, how in the world did she manage to function as long as she had?

This movie just did not deliver, but frankly, I was not surprised. Don't let the box office revenue fool you. When I first saw the preview, I wondered how the writer and director would make this movie different from "Fatal Attraction" but still make it good. So I watched out of curiosity. I have a feeling everyone else did as well. I now know they couldn't make the film as good and I suspect other viewers are discovering the same thing.

My Recommendation: If you have absolutely nothing better to do one lazy weekend afternoon, give this movie a viewing. The key to it is not to get caught up in the hype about it. If you watch with little to no expectations, you may be alright. Since the clips in the trailer are the best parts, you could just watch the trailer a couple of times and skip the movie.


  1. Not a subject that interests me. I'm less interested now.

  2. Good to know. BTW love your new blog.

  3. i've downloaded this movie but i haven't got the time yet to watch it..

  4. ill check this out later, thanks for sharing